Applications of Motion Capture


Motion capture is a widely used technique in many fields like Biomechanics, sports, Gait, In Sound and Motion, MRI, Equine, Live events, Engineering, Films and games.

In Biomechanics for the study of the structure and function of biological systems such as humans, animals, plants, organs, and cells by means of the methods of mechanics.

In sports it is use to study all the actions of players. Physical limitations and movement optimization are of great interest to athletes, coaches, researchers and doctors. Motion capture allows us to learn more about injury mechanisms and prevention. It can also be used to improve a player’s technique for better results in various sports applications

In Gait it is traditionally been studied subjectively through visual observations. By combining advanced measurement technology and biomechanical modeling, human gait can now be measured objectively. Gait analysis research and development is an ongoing activity, with new models and methods continually evolving. Today, physiotherapists, orthopedists and neurologists all use gait analysis to evaluate a patient’s status, treatment and rehabilitation

In Sound and Motion for the study of human motion.

In MRI for Study of organs.

In Equine for study of Horse Motion.

In Live events for Presentations and Meetings.

In Engineering for the study of mechanical designs and to observe the motion to improve the productivity.

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